Our Mission

FAARM cultivates social, economic and environmental growth through its Focus on Architecture, Art, Research and Making. We are designers, architects and humanitarians developing innovative solutions for sustainable building. Together with local clients, construction professionals and artisans, we build upon our collective expertise so that all are empowered to participate in the long-term development of their communities.

About Us

We are designers and architects developing innovative solutions for sustainable building. Together with local clients, construction professionals and artisans, we build upon our collective expertise so that all are empowered to participate in the long-term development of their communities.

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Support our work with a donation today! Your support is immensely important to us. FAARM is a non-profit design collaborative working for the public good. However modest your donation, it enables us to carry on work in vulnerable communities across the globe.
Get one SolarPuff™ solar lantern for yourself to reduce your own carbon footprint and one SolarPuff™ for someone in need.

Our Mission

FAARM cultivates social, economic and environmental growth through its Focus on Architecture, Art, Research and Making.

01_arial_rendering_hl_0_0Our purpose as a charitable organization is to develop sustainable design solutions for dwelling, education, and the environment in order to improve social, economic and ecological conditions for vulnerable communities around the world. Our primary activity will be to integrate design as a catalyst for creating long term design strategies and design solutions for local stake holders who are left vulnerable due to social and economic injustice, victims of natural disasters, and women and children in areas of extreme poverty. We will identify and serve as liaisons between local leaders, non-profits and community organizations, and both local and international for-profit businesses. To create a productive exchange of resources to facilitate the recovery and growth of communities in areas of need.

Formally known as Studio Unite’ Focus on Architecture Art Research Making, doing business as FAARM, is a 501(c)3 registered tax-exempt organization in the state of New York.


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About Us

We are designers and architects developing innovative solutions for sustainable building. Together with local clients, construction professionals and artisans, we build upon our collective expertise so that all are empowered to participate in the long-term development of their communities.


Executive Director

Dr/Ambassador Alison Thompson is a full time global humanitarian volunteer. Her work started on the Sept 11th 2001 attacks in New York, where she volunteered as a first responder for nine months.

Alison has run internally displaced persons camps and field hospitals in Sri Lanka, Haiti and around the world and Resilience Command centers in Sandy Superstorm in NY, Nepal, Philippines and many other disasters. In 2005 she founded the first Tsunami Early-Warning Disaster Center in Sri Lanka along with a Children’s Learning Center and Tsunami Museum.

In 2012 Alison was appointed as the first official Ambassador to the Haitian Ministry of Environment where she works in reforestation, sustainable energy and cholera initiatives. In Sri Lanka Alison is fondly known as the “Angel of Galle” and the “Angel of Light” in Nepal and Greece with the Syrian refugees. In 2015 she was honored at Loyola Chicago University with an Honorary ‘Doctorate of Letters’, in the ‘Humanities’, where she also gave the commencement speech.

For the past 11 months, Alison has worked tirelessly on the island of Lesvos, Greece in the epicenter of the Syrian refugee Crisis, where millions have fled the war zones of Syria and Iraq. In Greece Alison works as a volunteer paramedic caring for refugees with hypothermia and war wounds and has developed a network of over 15,000 volunteers, through her organization Third Wave Volunteers, who support and coordinate direct aid for the refugees. Her mission is to bring love and light to the refugees and to be a voice for humanity for the suffering. her latest program is bringing in an innovative origami designed solar puff light to the refugees in the dark camps of greece. Alison has personally delivered over 12,000 lights to 65,000 refugees.
in 2010, alison flew to haiti along with sean penn and ten doctors to help after the earthquake. Together, they managed a 65,000-person idp camp and field hospital alongside general simeon trombitas and the 82nd airborne who honored her with the us commanders ‘Medal of Excellence’ award. In 2010 she was awarded the order of australia, the highest civilian medal given by the australian government and queen elizabeth the 2nd, for her volunteerism and her contributions to mankind.
in haiti alison also co-founded we advance, an organization dedicated to combating gender-based violence and advancing the health and safety of women and children throughout the cite soleil slums..
her award-winning documentary The Third Wave, chronicles her volunteer experience in sri lanka after the 2004 tsunami and was screened at the cannes film festival in a presidential jury screening presented by sean penn and bono. She followed up with a book, The Third Wave a Volunteer Story.
with simplicity and humility, thompson inspires everyone to service and to take action just as she has as an everyday, average individual. She tailors her message on how ‘anyone can volunteer’, from a global scope to our own backyards and that “everyone is needed”

Board Members

Fredric King is a transmedia storyteller and social entrepreneur.

Fredric was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for STREETS OF LEGEND, he developed BLUE VALENTINE and launched the distribution arm of his company, fountainhead transmedia to spearhead the domestic and international sales of his cult film b.i.k.e..

When not not making movies or video games, Fredric is making concrete in Haiti to aid in the rebuilding efforts. While in production of HAITI REDUX, a documentary about the reconstruction efforts after the earthquake of January 12, 2010. Fredric recognized the significant potential impact of private sector investment in the construction material business in Haiti. In 2011 he conceived, formed and launched the haitian american reconstruction partnership (harp) to harness this potential to affect positive social change.


Give Lights



Hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes in the earthquake that occurred in April. Third Wave Volunteers and The Conscious Connections Foundation are helping to distribute lights to those in need.



Many Haitians are still recovering from the earthquake that occurred in January 2010.
The Reveil Matinal Orphanage lost its home and needs our help. Join WeAdvance in making a difference in Haiti.



A great flood of refugees continues to pour out of Turkey from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. The tide shows little sign of stopping and Third Wave Volunteers are bringing relief to families and orphans fleeing to Lesbos, Greece.
—images by doug kuntz



The people of Santhiou Mam Gor are not lacking in love, rather in resources. Help support the lick-wilmerding high school and drew school in providing lights to west africa.



Help support Third Wave Volunteers‘s relief efforts in Ecuador after a recent earthquake kills over 500 people. Support aid workers on the ground today.
—Image by Luis Acosta



The Senase Project began to change from a focus solely on education to a realization that in order to truly help those children in Akatim, we need to focus on the community as a whole. We strive to help create healthy minds, healthy bodies and healthy hearts.



Yokadouma and Moloundou are rural villages in the Cameroon rainforest. Most people do not have access to electricity due to the rural environment.



Trinity Children’s Center sends aid directly to Liberia on an ongoing basis. The aid is distributed to various villages and organizations throughout the country. This includes items such as first aid, OTC medications, toiletries, clothes, shoes, books, sporting goods, and of course SolarPuffs.



Choose where to share the light!
We are a world of multiple cultures, colors, beliefs, ideas, and religions. We are born, needing the same sorts of things: water, food, love and Light.

NGO Partners


10 Million Rays of Light Campaign™

Location: Seattle, WA
Client: Global Music Community
Project Team: Alice Min Soo Chun, Alison Thompson, Lara Lavi, Tina Liberio Lang
Start Date: May, 15 2016
Project Description:

The 10 Million Rays of Light Campaign is inspired by the mission of designer entrepreneur Alice Chun, Founding President of New York City based Solight Design, singer songwriter and environmentalist Lara Lavi and emergency medic humanitarian Alison Thompson to bring renewable solar light to electricity poor people around the world and help with urgent needs in critical places like Haiti, Nepal and even for the Syrian refugees landing in Greece. The campaign launches May 15, 2016 with an already sold out youth concert featuring Gypsy Temple, at the historic 99 year old Columbia City Theater in Seattle, Washington but quickly goes viral around the world.

Solight Design plans to invite celebrities, press and key influencers to join the 10 Million Rays of Light Campaign and coordinate celebrity endorsements with the campaign’s director of celebrity endorsements and social media – Tina Lang by signing up at www.10MRaysOfLight.org or contacting Tina directly at Tina@dreamingincolorent.com.

It’s a simple message – buy one for yourself and one for someone in need, designate which organization you want the lights to go to (form will be on the website by May 15, 2016 and you will get a tax deduction through either nonprofit organizations FAARM or Third Wave Volunteers depending on which country you request to send your second light to. Make a video, post it on your social media, endorse the campaign and pass it on. Says founder Alice Chun, “This campaign can make a difference in millions of people’s lives and help us reduce our collective carbon foot print at the same time. Together we hold the sun in our hand. We are all already part of 10 Million Rays of Light.”

Ground Rules in Humanitarian Design

Location: NA, Publication
Client: Design community
Project Team: Alice Min Soo Chun, Irene Brisson, Maryline Damour
Start Date: Summer 2010
Publication: Winter 2012 Click Here to Purchase
Project Description:

This edited anthology provides a wide array of viable solutions to infrastructure, housing, economic growth, health care, and social welfare. Designers can no longer draw from insular practices, but must engage inclusive participation and tools as the binding glue for creating successful self-sustaining cultures and reducing world vulnerability. This book will facilitate the active role of design as a social response to vulnerability and risk, whether preparing a design for furniture or city, by providing guidelines as a vital first step is the development for action. These guidelines; often referred to as “ground rules” or “community norms,” will provide the design community a framework to ensure open, respectful dialogue and maximum participation as collateral for long term sustainability. The functional and beneficial out come of this book is the design and materialization of exemplar building communities emerging from these new paradigms for the future of global humanity. Using the recent earthquake in Haiti as a point of departure for our book, this publication will integrate research and documentation of the cultural history, social and political confluence, and ecological tensions that are systemic in regions where disaster, poverty, and crisis prevail.

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